Brandys Premium Beard Oil-Scotsman

$ 28.00

Brandys Premium Beard Oil-Scotsman Scent-4oz of premium beard oil.


The Scotsman beard oil starts with a moisturizing base of grape seed oil and vitamin e. The blend of pine, juniper,  vetiver, bergamot and a touch of patchouli essential oils blends to form a spicy and woodsy scent.


For the best results, clean and towel off excess water. Leave the beard moist. Place a small amount of oil in palm (about a penny size for 1-3 inch beard, I use a quarter size puddle for my 11 inch). Each beard will tell you how much moisture it will need. This can vary per person and also per season. Rub your hands together to evenly distribute the oil. Start by rubbing the tips of your fingers into the skin under the beard. Then rub hands gently throughout the beard. At last, I brush my hands on the outside of my beard. Finish by combing or brushing out for a clean shaped look. I recommend using a wood comb or a Bore’s hair brush. Try to keep from over combing/brushing the beard. It may damage your beard.

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